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Essential Oil Blends
Essential Oil Blends
Essential Oil Blends
Essential Oil Blends
Essential Oil Blends

Announcing our own Organic Essential Oil Blends

Breathe Easy

The soothing, cooling, respiratory supporting essential oils in this blend are unmatched and helping to clear congestion and allowing you and your child to breathe easier. Ingredients: fir needle, Rosalina, spruce, Cypress, spearmint, and Cedarwood.



do you have moments of feeling overwhelmed? Struggle with anxiety? Could you use some holistic help in calming your mind? This blend of essential oils is known to help reduce anxiety and it’s side effects. Diffuse to achieve mental relaxation. Ingredients: bergamot, patchouly, blood orange, ylang ylang, pink grapefruit.



Peaceful Home

Rachel’s go-to blend to create a relaxing, welcoming, environment in the home while cleaning the air and leaving a comforting, bright, clean aroma. Diffuse daily to make your home a haven of peace, love, and joy. Ingredients: Lavender and Lemon.


Rachel’s Garden

A customer favorite aroma, now available for you to have for your home diffuser, bright and clean, crisp and balanced, a perfect blend to brighten any room and remove unwanted odors. Make your home smell like The Olive Branch every day! ingredients: peppermint, spearmint, lavender, and rosemary. 




This is Rachel’s signature blend, perfect for using on your bracelet and every day as a perfume. It is calming & uplifting, brings peace & joy, and is warm with a bright sweet finish.

This blend includes the rare Blue Tansy, {which is cherished for its abilities to ease worry and melt away nervous tension} along with Black Spruce Leaf Oil, Frankincense, Ho Wood, and Coconut Oil.

It is our hope that when you wear your bracelet or this blend directly on your pulse points, you will feel blessed and filled with an abundance of peace, joy, love, and purpose.

It is your daily reminder to Work Hard, Serve Others, and Love Always.



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