We are so thankful for you, and how you have embraced our small business this year. It is our hope that you have a holiday of love, joy, peace, and rest. Our store closes for one week each year so that our staff can enjoy the holiday and have time to relax and refresh. We are closed for the holiday and will reopen for you on Saturday, January 2nd at 9am.

Rachel’s Top Christmas Picks

Detoxifying Facial Set

The Olive Branch at Sovereign Farms

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Detoxifying Facial Set

Give yourself spa-quality facial  treatments at home using our Detox Botanical Soap and Detoxifying Facial mask. 

This soap is a customer favorite, and perfect for those who want to detox the skin on a daily basis and treat and prevent acne. Saponified oils of palm, coconut, olive and Shea make for a moisturizing soap for all skin types. The addition of activated charcoal and a blend of pure essential oils help to draw out excess oil from the skin while making this our anti acne bar. 

Our detoxifying facial mask is a combination of kaolin Clay, bentonite clay, green tea, hibiscus, and rosehip. This once a week treatment will cleanse and nourish your skin deeply while increasing collagen production naturally, balancing out texture and tone, and leaving a radiant glow. 

$25.49 regular price offered now at the discounted $19.99. (Already at its lowest price, no additional discount taken at checkout) 

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