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Custom Scalp Treatment Trio for you

The Olive Branch at Sovereign Farms

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This set includes the foaming medicated scalp wash, a soothing medicated scalp mist, and a once a week deep scalp treatment.

The directions are: This custom three-step treatment regimen was designed specifically for dry, itchy, infected scalp issues. Shake the foaming soap well before each use. Wash the scalp well, working the medicated soap into the affected area. Rinse. If you want to use a conditioner, just avoid getting the conditioner onto your scalp. While the hair is still wet/damp, shake the mist well and apply it to the scalp, parting the hair as needed to expose the scalp. Once each week, use three droppers full of the Youthful Glow as a deep scalp oil treatment. Part the hair, apply the oil to the scalp, and leave it on the skin for 12 hours (overnight).”