February Special: Men’s Valentine Duo

The Olive Branch at Sovereign Farms

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February Special: Men’s Valentine Duo

Best Selling Aftershave Splash & Facial & Beard Oil Duo


Everything your man needs to be well groomed, fresh & clean, and smelling like a handsome rugged man. Perfect for your man no matter if he is clean-shaven or has a mountain man beard. 

This collection has a woodsy aroma, with notes of caramelized sugar, bourbon whiskey, clove, nutmeg, and vanilla balsam. The hint of lemon bitters, cinnamon leaf, and Cedarwood make this collection a warm and complex blend of scents perfect for any man. 


Ladies, trust us on this one: you are gonna LOVE the way your man smells! 

just $19.99 while supplies last! 

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