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Shampoo Bar

The Olive Branch at Sovereign Farms

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Shampoo Bar
Shampoo Bar

Olive Branch Shampoo Bar

Everything you love about our handmade botanical soaps…. But specifically designed for your best hair and scalp health!

We have taken the powerhouse oils from our Restore & Renew Hair Growth Serum and Scalp Treatment… and added them to this moisturizing soap! 

The addition of lavender hydrosol, castor oil, and other nourishing extracts help to clarify and cleanse your scalp and hair with every wash, without any chemicals, silicone, or parabens. 

Directions: Cleanse & nourish your scalp & hair.
Thoroughly wet hair, apply bar, then
lather & massage into the scalp &
hair. Rinse & Repeat. Follow up with
Olive Branch Conditioner.

Ingredients; oils of olive, palm, coconut, shea, jojoba, castor, rosehip, vitamin e, lavender hydrosol, lavender, tea tree, peppermint, rosemary, cedarwood.



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